Bad Choices

​She haphazardly lit the room, 

Blinding me. 

Images of the past, 

Momentarily binded me. 

Things that i had forgotten,

Lain waste in a childish memory, 

The history of some fling, 

That never came to be. 

Still hoping for ignition, 

In some time far from now, 

I see her face sometimes, 

When my head hits the pillow, 

And i flirt with some regrets, 

When i feel a sorrow, 

Flirt with what could have been,

And what we talked about. 

Oh how much i want her, 

This virtual girl, 

How bad i am at explaining, 

In her cyber world, 

All cobwebbed and surreal, 

Not really real at all, 

Not yet at least, 

Not until we meet. 

What can you do? 

When there is someone else, 

And your care that cuts you deep, 


For two, 

For both, 

And leaves you sallow, 

Sorrowful embrace, 

Too many times in days ago.

Im sorry for the distance between us. 

Im sorry for the time between us.

Im sorry that i cant be the man i should be. 

Im sorry for you, 

But more for me. 


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