Miss You (Rolling Stones Cover)

One night. 

One day…

Caught you off guard, 

When I told you not to come. 

Sleep in your own bed, 

Not exactly what I said, 

Nor what I meant. 

But as I lie here missing you, 

I can see it, 

The impetus behind my words, 

Dissolved by lack of kiss and touch, 

Turned bitter, sour, 

And burning a hole in my caustic tongue. 

Everytime I do this. 

Believing it’s for the best, 

For both of us a bit of rest, 

A night apart to sharpen our desire. 

But, perhaps desire is another misdirection, 

A magic trick, 

Stealthy puppetry, 

If only just to make us free, 

Of a seperation real and final, 

Now that our needs have grown, 

Your skin the same hue as mine, 

Our dependancy finally undeniable. 


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