Without You

A cloud surrounds us, 

Mystifying our thoughts, 

The very ground we walk, 

But done with a trim, cool beauty.

Again I can see your face only by increments, 

And feel your touch as something strange, 

A foreign rhythm beating in your blood, 

Gives me back hope that we can change. 

Your eyes, last night, were painful, 

As they bore into mine, 

Dabbing at tears, you told me

Nothing. But that was enough. 

We have wound many ways, 

Swiftly, also moving slow, 

A choppy current now, 

Is surely not the final danger. 

What about our plans for tomorrow, 

What about what went before, 

If I have learned anything it is, 

That I’m not capable, 

Of facing future days, 

Without you.  


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