A Day of Memory

Cool air swims in the room, 

Like liquid surges. 

The sun outside is sharp, 

But merciful and forgiving, 

Not the hungry despot, 

That fills every corner, 

With desperate stinking sweat. 

Today she is cool, relaxed, 

Another mother, 

Like the one that I remember, 

My best memories of home, 

Wrapped up in her. 

And the leaves play like tymphanies, 

Some small music in the air, 

As the unfettered searching breeze, 

Carresses all that it can see, 

For the first time, 

In time unknown. 

What to do today? 

Go outside and make more memories, 

Or sit and search among the eaves, 

The many corners, alcoves, 

Of things that I have already seen, 

Try to get back what I have once been.


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