Mary Telling Stories

One night Mary turned, 

With a devilish smile and said, 

Tomorrow the rain will come, 

The drops will fall on everyone, 

I wondered aloud, 


How can you know? 

Her lips pursed and swollen, 

Considering honesty, 

She said to me, 

Don’t worry love, 

I’m not some witch, 

Nor am I a sorceress, 

Just an observant little oyster, 

Laid upon the bed, 

And looking, 

At the sky above, 

Sometimes I just know, 

That the weather will surely change. 

The tides will roll with laughter, 

The wind will howl with sorrow, 

And we will be stuck upon the paws, 

All mercy, 

Longing for a pause, 

In this wicked life,

The earthly things, 

That lope without us, 

And they never look upon us.

It’s ok, 

My bae, 

Don’t worry your silly head,

Just sleep and you will see. 

And I did. 


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