Float On

Haha, slipping despair, 

Goodnight to you, oh boredom, 

Until we meet tomorrow.

I have opened all the orifices, 

And inebriation comes flooding, 

Through those doors. 

Still fleeing her, 

While she creeps up the old trunk, 

The scaley bark can’t halt her arrival, 

A flood of rain that makes the surface slippery, 

Only ignites her wanton actions a little bit more. 

The flood is purple, red as blood, 

The flood apocalyptic, 

A storm of neverending night, 

The day that follows will never come. 

Tonight is the night, 

Tonight is the night to flee The world, 

And flutter through the aether, 

While my body weighs no more, 

Than the breadth of a hair, 

Still in my youth, 

Flee the chasing woman, 

Stay free, 


Float tender like a feather, 

To the ground,

Upon the tender weather. 


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