I finished one pack of crisps, 

Thought about opening the other packet, 

Which settled at the bottom of my bag, 

Beside a Chinese language textbook, 

On top of pens and pencils.

I chose not to, 

But instead delayed the nothingness, 

By flicking through playlists and songs, 

Until the train arrived.

I see a girl run past, fast, 

Through the door before we move off, 

I step in behind her, 

While she turns to face me. 

Her hair was deceiving, 

Not straight anymore, 

Now curled and voluminous, 

Disguised in a Pink jacket, 

One colour I’d never seen her wear.

Her breath pauses and her eyes lock on mine, 

My heart does a little tumble, 

Instinct smiles at her, 

And I quickly run away, 

From an opportunity to talk, 

To the one I hurt an age ago. 


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