Requiem For Nature

While larking in the water, 

My hand hit something heavy, 

A fleshy piece of unused meat, 

A waste of fuel, 

Or a waste of life, 

Depending on your point of view. 

A fish afloat on its back, 

Without cause it seemed, 

The body all embraced by curling skin, 

And both eyes wide in horror. 

I looked, 

And then we looked, 

And my hands went to my body, 

My own dying skin, 

Mind’s image of this river, 

Taken by the muddy water, 

And its death rewarding vices. 

I slipped like a falling stone, 

Across the length that I had waded in, 

And grasped the shore beneath my feet again, 

Half in horror of the thing I had done, 

Lapsed into a mausoleum, 

Thinking only of a dream, 

To be with nature for a while, 

What death defying thing am I, 

To play gleeful with a corpse like that. 


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