Little Things

What a small breeze can do!

A turn of pace or direction,

And this little gust has swept me clean,

This morning one world,

Now just a few hours and miles removal,

And I am ready to begin again.

I feel like a solar panel,

All energy swelling inside me,

I feed on the necessities of life.

Though usually I think these things too mundane,

Today I am dwelling on the basics,

I am stuck in my room,

Stripping the wall of empty adornments,

Piling up paint chips in one corner,

And ready to remove all the fetid furniture,

Or at least take a short holiday,

From things unseen,

But felt,

From things that stray beyond the strict stare of consciousness,

And slip like a slick dose of poison,

Fat and round droplets,

Just like tearlets,

Sometimes become my dearest emotions,

Sometimes the only ones.


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