Political Rant #1

I am going to write a brief aside for a moment, something other than poetry for just a small moment. This is something I never do but I have a strong feeling of disgust and I have to make it plain before I explode. I don’t profess to be an expert on these kinds of things nor have I done a whole pile of research. I am sure that it is important to have a certain level of expertise and knowledge about a political situation if you are to fight to change it, but it is just as important to speak from feeling and to speak on what you think the world must be feeling. How else can we empathize on a global scale, if not through feeling and a certain level of presumption, though this presumption is done in this case in good taste, I hope. 

I will try to maintain an objective point of view, and I will try to be somewhat positive, and not wholly negative about this situation. If that does not seem to be evident while you read this, try to see the positives in my feeling for globalism and worldwide community and peaceful diplomatic reasoning. 

Donald Trump. 

What a surprise, huh?

How many words have been spilt in the past year because of Donald Trump? 

How much venom and hate has crept into the hearts of millions of Americans, and concerned onlookers around the world, because this man presumes to know best, and presumes to conduct his presidential affairs in a manner wholly unlike those who came before him. 

Donald Trump has an idea. He is the President of the United States, and The President of the United States, when he speaks, people listen. 

His idea is to ban immigrants from nine predominantly Muslim countries for 120 days so that he can evaluate whether these countries are the source of terrorism within the borders of the country over which he presides. 

His idea is to alienate around 200 million people, or approximately 3% of the world’s population, and to bar residents, refugees and others who seek a better life in a safer country, from entering the US. 

What is particularly galling about this action, is his decision to include Iraq amongst the phalanx. Wasn’t it just over ten years ago the US Army rushed into Iraq in an effort to spare the World of the threat of Strongman Saddam Hussein, who had grown too big for his boots, and too brave for the tastes of The US Presidency of the time. 

I feel that the injustice of the original act, invading Iraq, is now compounded by another slap in the face. Supposedly done in an effort to allow the Iraqis a chance to self govern and to instal democratic measures in their country, and essentially to allow Iraqis to strive for a better life, we now see that Iraq has become one centre for the promulgation of extremist Islamic ideology and combative terrorism. 

Why did this occur?

One particularly enlightened theory is that the extremist ideology comes as a reaction to invasion, to long standing invasion and corruption within a country crying out for strength of power and strength of ideals, and an end to death, an end to occupation by forces come from beyond their borders. 

And now…

And now, here comes Donald Trump, who is happy to allow Russia to fight on behalf of Assad, another Strongman, in Syria, and who is happy to turn his back on policies that were destructive, with another destructive rationale. 

Who is at fault for tensions in the Middle East?

Many people, many countries, many Empires. The blame goes back for hundreds of years. It is a long list of blame. 

Blame does not ultimately fall upon one head. It should not fall upon one head only. The effort, and the work to construct a new will and a new direction comes not from the negation of the past. It does not come from alienation and ignorance of history. 

History is a wise teacher. History speaks in riddles and it takes effort and study to understand the whims of history.

 Donald Trump’s executive order barring 3% of the worlds population from entering the US is lazy and it is negative and destructive by way of being wholly unconstructive. 


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