Oceanising My Mind

Woke up with a tie-died mind, 

Stepped off the edge, 

And felt invigorated all the way from bed to floor, 

Ran my hand through my hair, 

Slipped a couple bands around my wrist, 

For safety and stability

Throughout this wicked day,

This day in which will transpire


While I horse around in the bathroom, 

Singing through my teeth

And toothbrush and toothpaste, 

About your feeling, 

The feeling of knowing you, 

Or being within your orb, 

The wonderland you inhabit, 

Like a rabbit’s burrow, 

Or a genie’s lamp,

Saturated inside by the sap

From Elysian Fields, 

By starlit discussions on natural beauty,

By smog gathering over the tumult

Of a city at peace with its changeable mass, 

And the moveable feast of wines,

Of fruit, 

Of fleeing salad concoctions, 

And water that is in essence, 



Like the only life that I want anymore, 

The life within your orb.  


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